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Plant Built was founded in the fall of 2012 by a group of seasoned and novice physique competitors with the shared goal of promoting a plant based diet in a sport where eating animal products is widely accepted as the only way to achieve success and abstaining is seen as absurd if not blasphemous. Vegan athletes in the full spectrum of fitness and bodybuilding divisions were asked to join a group that would compete en masse at one show in the summer of 2014. The group chose the Austin Texas “Naturally Fit Super Show” as their debut and will be competing with at least 40 members this July. The group plans to compete annually and welcomes fellow vegan athletes!


Billy Prusinowski

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Personally, I am proud to be representing my people (herbivore athletes) in a competition against people who try to attain optimal performance by eating animals. I chose the path of compassion and to stop eating animals in 2000. This was based on my ethics and not wanting to harm other living things for the sake of my appetite. Since then, veganism has become a weapon in my fitness arsenal to keep me a cut above the rest, both morally and physically.

People who have interacted with me on a business-level over the past several years in Santa Cruz, California, have known me as a committed personal trainer and fitness instructor, more so than a pompous animal rights activist. I would like to remain this way, and only encourage, never force, my principals on clients or class members. I am proud of who I am and remain this way because I do truly believe that veganism is a higher standard to live by. Difficult at times, yes, but now with such a worldwide support network (PlantBuilt 2014) this struggle has just gotten a whole lot more exciting!

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See you in Austin


Past 6 months of Herbivore Athletics

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Beginning in Spring 2013, exciting publicity began, due to the awesome  journalism of Elizabeth Limbach from the Santa Cruz Good Times. Her article about Billy Bad Ass and Herbivore Athletics really got us some terrific circulation in the community. After her feature, we were advertised in the GT Active health and fitness magazine. This was our ad!

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Some of our most dedicated and serious members came through the door in the beginning of summer. Emi, who worked our front desk for the past year, set an amazing example of consistency and grit, cardio kickboxing her way through class after class at the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center.

July 1 Sprint

Nice weather gave us the opportunity to do lots of outdoor sprints and bodyweight exercises to get us extra shredded AND TAN!

photo (19)

Huge turnouts the entire month of July is unheard of for a fitness business, but we had it! There was one Wednesday night class offered AU GRATIS to everyone that a bunch of our friends came and tried. Naomi Kelley and JP Dupless are front center here, taking a day off from their training at CrossFit West.

photo (18)

Santa Cruz Fringe Festival 2014

One of my personally most memorable classes was entirely outdoors when we were kicked out of our studio because of the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival. One of the Tannery apartment residents stuck her head out the window to tell us that she "Absolutely love your enthusiasm for fitness, but could you be any louder?"

Sorry lady.

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From day one of Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing, we have talked about, worked out, and concentrated on sculpting our ASSES. It was no different this summer. "Hey, anyone willing to get a picture of their derrier posted on the blog?" Everyone: "Sure!!"

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Billy Bad Ass took his annual summer trip home to New York to train with his fellow karateka at Kenpo-Jutsu Karate in Syracuse, NY. These martial artists are as serious as they come, as their dojo has existed since 1974 and still stands as strong as ever to this day. Check out their website if you would like to learn a little about the art that is very infused into Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing.

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While on his leave, Lorena Sixtos instructed all classes. Her style is....INTENSE. This was a picture of a class that she taught. All dead? (could this picture have been posed??) Nice workout everyone. Thanks for grabbing that picture, Emi!

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Feeling quite honored, Billy Bad Ass was asked to represent Herbivore Athletics as a Santa Cruz plant-based athlete at a UCSC event about sustainable eating. The panel consisted of academics and students from all parts of the "herbivore to omnivore spectrum" and shared some valuable opinions about sustainable plant-based eating in 2013. What I really took away from this was that our health food and dieting and CHOICES to be so strict about what we put into our bodies are entirely due to privilege. Don't ever take for granted our choices to NOT eat high-fructose corn syrup and AVOID sugars and transfats. Some of those things are so saturated into neighborhoods (that we call "food desserts") that people can hardly manage to eat anything BUT that killer crap.

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A new friend and fellow vegan bodybuilder from Santa Cruz, Christian Garcia, came to support us at the UCSC event. This kid is awesome and will be a great bodybuilding competitor this upcoming season with his PlantBuilt team!

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A long-time class participant, Mike Flemming, a survivor of leukemia, ran a triathalon and we held a fundraiser for his team. Following the HUGE CLASS we had an "Herbivore AfterParty" upstairs at Sharon's apartment in the Tannery. Such a great fund-raising experience and chance for our cardio kickboxing family to come together and enjoy participating in a great cause.

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Last but not least, classes are continuing into the winter months with amazing energy and participation from YOU ALL! And do you want to hear who came to our last class? The South African anti-apartheid hero, Nelson freaking Mandela.

photo (31)

And there it is. From Santa Cruz to South Africa. Well, even more importantly present in this picture is our new front desk assistant, Alea Salvay. She is awesome- a current high-school senior in Santa Cruz that gives us her all every week. Thanks, Alea!

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Want to look sexy for Halloween?

Maybe Halloween is your reason to want to tone up and shed some body fat, maybe it's not. Either way, October is an amazing month to commit to fitness goals. I have so many people who have been coming intermittently to Billy's Boot Camps and Santa Cruz Cardio Kickboxing lately, but I've still yet to see the level of commitment that I hear everyone saying they are trying to achieve. It takes week-after-week, month-after-month. If these Adam and Eve costumes could be worn by everyone, trust me, they would! Who doesn't want to show off the hours and hours (which eventually total up to years, fyi) they spend working out hard? True dedication pays off BIG TIME. Not just in looks, but in stamina, flexibility, strength, muscle tone, attitude, outlook...the list goes on. Let Billy Bad Ass help you with these things. We are here EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Every single just need to show up (or RSVP if you want to join us for our amazing Friday Billy's Boot Camps :) The hard work will pay off. If no one else is there to remind you, I will. This past weekend was a CrossFit athletic competition that I participated in. We took a quick video that shows three of the body weight movements our team performed. The entire video is 15 seconds long, so give a quick watch if you want to see some intensity that I'm very proud to say I helped add to. Competitions like these are done for fun (there was no cash prize) and as an excuse to push yourself a little bit harder than usual. I enjoy having those kind of opportunities because I know my fitness and health benefit from it. As a trainer and cardio kickboxing instructor, I honestly do my best to provide opportunities for every person that steps into my studio to give their all. You will benefit from going hard and being consistent. I I am here to help. We have classes every single week at the exact same times, so you can keep your schedule consistent in that way, at the very least. If you need some extra help getting up off the couch at 6 P.M. every other day to make it to the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center or Acadia Fitness for our classes, please give me a shout. I am very active through the Contact Form on this site or just by emailing I want you to achieve results as much as you do. By working together and working hard, we can do that. HMU! (that means Hit Me Up!) If you have any music requests, we are making new fall music for both Billy's Boot Camps and Santa Cruz Cardio Kickboxing. I would love to add remixes of some of your favorite songs to help PUMP YOU UP! Get at yo' boy and let me know what makes you wanna moooooove! See you in class!



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Jefferson State CrossFit! My good friends in Redding, CA!

Billy Bad Ass visits Jefferson State CrossFit over Thanksgiving break. If you ever have the chance to travel up to Redding, CA, I am a huge fan of Reilly and Katharyn Barret and the operation they run up there! Check out some pics and give their website some love!

Reilly, owner and head coach at Jefferson State CrossFit, coaching me through a new rope climb foothold

Loved the rope climbs in last Wednesday's WOD. Great skill to have.

Climb and conquer! To the ceiling of the Jefferson State box!

Reilly Barrett and Billy Prusinowski, November 2012

For more information about Jefferson State CrossFit, please visit

Great box, I give it a 5 out of 5 :)


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Since January 2010, I have serviced over 1,000 personal training sessions with clients of all ages, sizes, strengths and weaknesses. YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE, and no two temples are built the same. My experience with Gold’s Gym, National Exercise Trainers Association, TRX Suspension Training, Kenpo Karate, CrossFit and Santa Cruz Power Fitness have provided for a wide-range of experiences with clients young and old, big and small.



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    •  "Let me start out by saying i've not been a gym-aholic - I'd never found a class I wanted to go to more than once. But - I just love love LOVE Billy's classes! He's wonderfully motivating, encouraging, and fun to work with. I love that he works the class with intervals - the most effective way to train - and a variety of moves from session to session. I look forward to attending Billy's classes - I would say I'm addicted to Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing!"
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    • "I've taken kickboxing classes with several instructors but Billy is the most challenging, motivational and energetic teacher I've had. His class is fast-paced, sweat inducing and fun. While there may be times during the class where you feel like you just have no energy left Billy helps you power though and you feel great's definitely a total body workout..."
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